Retmarker is Critical Health´s solution to monitor progression of retinal diseases, which are the leading causes of blidness in the Western World. Retmarker is a CE approved Medical Device software.
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If you are looking for Medisoft Ophthalmology, the specialized Electronic Medical Record solution that Critical is promoting
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News: Published study suggests Retmarker can be a Biomarker for response to CSME treatment

News: ARVO’s Weisenfeld Award 2014 distinguishes Professor Cunha-Vaz

News: Critical Health establishes partnership with Universidade de Coimbra

News: Successful participation in HCIST 2013

News: Article in RETINA corroborates that Retmarker enables a suitable predictive marker for CSME

News: Prof. Cunha-Vaz receives the 2012 BIAL Award of Clinical Medicine

News: RetmarkerDR used in a proposed Surrogate Outcome for Diabetic Retinopathy Progression

News: Microaneurysm Turnover article published at Current Biomarker Findings

News: Publication in 'Diabetes Care' recognizes that Retmarker "predicts risk of development of CSME"

News: Critical Health presented Retmarker at the VIII CAO

News: RetmarkerDR recommended for initial stages of Diabetic Retinopathy

News: Critical Health Invited to Open Session at EURETINA'12

News: Automatic quality assessment for fundus photographs

News: A Critical Health juntou-se ŕ campanha da APDP: “Juntos vamos dar a cara pela Diabetes”

News: Retmarker technology underlies recognition as Microsoft Startup of the Day

News: Critical Health Innovation in Retinal Disease Management at EURETINA'11

News: Critical Health showcases Retmarker and Medisoft in XVIII Pan-American Course of the PAAO

News: Critical Health incorporates Medisoft's Electronic Medical Record solution

News: Retmarker receives Cotec-Unicer honourable mention for innovative products

News: Critical Health and Retmarker certification

News: Critical Health wins at the "European IT Excellence Awards"

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